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Hi, I’m Emily Frigo. I'm a mother, the founder of The Association of Herbalism and Healing Arts, a Clinical and Traditional Herbalist, a Doula studying Midwifery, a Reiki Master, and a Women's Healing Arts practitioner and educator. I believe in the healing power of holding space, of gathering together intentionally, and of making informed choices. 

I found holistic health and herbal support during my journey through a stillbirth, reoccurring miscarriages, and secondary infertility. I went on to suffer an injury during birth which resulted in lifelong chronic pelvic pain, and debilitating postpartum depression. I was disconnected with my body, with my health, and with my overall sense of well-being. I saw a variety of physicians and specialists who brushed off my infertility, didn't hold space for my losses, and completely ignored my pelvic pain. It was during these experiences that I was called to being an advocate for my own health and fused together modern science, earth medicine, and healing arts to support my mind, body, and spirit.

I am now the mother of four children, where we live on our Urban Homestead and Certified Wildlife Habitat in Cincinnati, Ohio. After over a decade of professional education, I practice and teach herbalism and healing arts to people who are seeking nourishment on their physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  I support families through their childbearing year. And I share with others how to make informed choices about their health and how to re-connect with themselves by connecting with their intuition, knowing their own power, and using the natural world for healing. 

I'm honored to share this connection with you. 

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