Bereavement Support

Available both in Cincinnati and virtually.

Are you anticipating, or have already experienced, the loss of your baby? If so, I am so deeply sorry. I understand how heart-shattering this is because I’ve been there. In 2007, I went into labor knowing my son’s precious little body wouldn’t be strong enough to survive. And following his birth and death, I suffered 6 miscarriages. But I also know that each loss is unique, and my experiences are not your experiences. Your loss is yours alone and your grief and growth must unfold on your own timeline.

As a mother who has experienced loss, and a doula who has trained specifically in bereavement and has served many families experiencing loss, I am uniquely prepared to help you prepare and move through the birth of your baby, no matter the gestational age.

Bereavement care is highly personal, below is simply a guideline of what could be included in your support. This support is complimentary, with the option to donate so that I can support another family experiencing loss at another time.

  • We will start with a complimentary consultation to meet, discuss your story, answer any questions, and decide if I could be of support during your journey

  • If time allows we will seek to have 2 prenatal meetings: 

    • During these meetings we will discuss your feelings, plan for the birth of your baby, discuss and plan for what you would like to happen after the birth of your baby, and discuss what experiences and emotions you may have during the postpartum period. I invite you to ask questions, share your story, and let me know how you feel I can be of best support to you. 

  • During your labor, I will come to your side to support you in a variety of ways including informational support, physical comfort methods, mental and emotional encouragement, labor progression techniques, effective positioning, breaks for your birth partner, and working with your medical team to honor your birth preferences.

  • After the birth of your baby I will:

    • Help you meet your baby

    • Prepare you for what your precious baby may look like

    • Encourage you to take your time with your little one

    • Help you manage the arrival of family and friends in your time of loss and help them find ways to express their grief while being of support in yours

    • Take professional infant and family portraits

    • Help you create a memorabilia of your baby

    • Talk to you, listen to you, hold the birth space

    • Help you plan for a service, blessing, ceremony or other memorial as you see fit

    • Help you cope with and care for your postpartum recovery