My first birth was so far from what I wanted. I planned on having an unmedicated hospital birth. My mom had 6 births without any medication and I was so inspired and in awe of her. My pregnancy was so easy and simple. At my 38 week appointment, my doctor felt baby and determined she was transverse, meaning instead of head down or breach, my baby was literally side to side. Her head was on my left side and her feet were kicking my right side. We decided to make an appointment for the next week to try and flip her and induce so she wouldn’t have time to flip back. The night before, my husband and I couldn’t sleep. We were so anxious to meet our little girl. We went in and they tried to flip her 3 times. It was the most intense pain I had felt until that point. They couldn’t get her past a certain point and then she would immediately go back to where she had previously been. They determined she had a short cord and they were worried I’d go into labor on my own and she would be in trouble. They decided to do a cesarean that day, as in right away. I looked at my husband and he said let’s try and flip her one more time. The nurses and I wanted to strangle him it hurt so bad and they weren’t getting anywhere with it. We tried to appease him. Then off to prep for surgery. I cried. This was not what I wanted. Once they got me into the OR room, I started having a hard time breathing and starting coughing uncontrollably. It took them what seemed like forever to realize I was going into anaphylactic shock from the antibiotics. Once they pumped me full of Benadryl they were ready to go. The cesarean was short, my sweet girl started crying right away. She was perfect. It was such a rough go to get her earthside, but then everything was all better once I finally got to hold her and keep her close. I wish more than anything I was able to document those moments. I’ll never have a first again. But my memories will always be cherished.

- Anonymous

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