I was 22 years old when I got pregnant with Kira. I am the oldest of 7 children and my mom had all of us through unmedicated vaginally births including 2 sets of twins so I knew right away that was something I wanted to do. I had a beautiful natural birth plan written and typed out ready to go. At exactly 41 weeks I went in for my check up and was told I was barely a fingertip dilated and not effaced so he wanted to induce me the next day. Not knowing any better I agreed. 

We checked into the hospital at 7am the following morning. Got all set up in our room, iv started, and family showed up to sit with us. At 9am my ob came in and broke my water. At 10am the nurse came in to start my pitocin drip. One nurse tried to push to get an epidural. She told me "I've never seen a first time mom on pitocin NOT get an epidural so if I put in the orders now it'll be ready when you want it". I very quickly asked for a new nurse, I did NOT want that. A few hours passed and the contractions were painful and steady but I was progressing so I was doing alright. A couple more hours passed and Kira was no longer handling the contractions very well, her heart rate kept dropping with every contraction. So the nurse lowered the pit to let her rest a little and my contractions completely stopped. We'd go back up with the pit and her heart rate dropped again. We went back and forth with this for about 5 hours. At 7pm the shift changed and I was getting a new nurse. I was at 8cm dilated and Kira was at - 2 station. This nurse was AMAZING. She helped me get out of bed and had me do some squats, rock on the side of the bed, and showed my husband and mom where to massage on my back to help with the pressure. Throughout the night we kept doing this. The contractions were INTENSE. At some point (I can't remember the time) Kira kept going off the monitor so they placed internal monitors on her head. I was no longer allowed to get out of bed. At 9am the nurse came in to check on me. I was still at 8cm and Kira was still at -2. She said I had 1 more hour and then the dr wanted to talk about "alternative options". 

A little after 10am my dr came in. He checked me and immediately stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything. He came back in a few mins later followed by a team of nurses and an anesthesiologist. Kiras head was starting to swell from being stuck for so long and she needed to come out NOW. Somewhere in the midst of being prepped for surgery I almost passed out. The spinal made my blood pressure go ridiculously low. Then I had a reaction to the medicine they gave to bring my BP back up so they gave me a new medicine for that. I wanted my natural u medicated birth so very badly, and in the end I was so drugged I don't remember her first cry or about 3 hours after she was born.

She was born perfectly healthy and screaming via c section at 11:10am.
- Torie R