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Placenta Abruption
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This birth story includes placenta abruption.
Please read with caution if you believe this may cause you any heartache.

Sunday April 22nd, 2018: In the morning I woke up at 7am and immediately needed a hot bath for pains, baby "F" was unusually still. F always loved when I took baths and would roll around my belly happily. No movement... 8am came and the water had gone cold, still no movement. I went upstairs to lay on the bed and drink cold water. Nothing. 10am I asked my husband if we could go get coffee and a donut to get him to move, and we left to go do that. 10:30am F kicked me twice and I was so relieved! Then immediately after my joy was replaced with gut wrenching pain. I called my doctor and we headed for the hospital. We got there and they couldn't find F's heartbeat at all. At this point I have no idea what time it is anymore. They find his heart and it is 72bpm (babies need to be in the high 100's). All of a sudden there are 4 nurses running me full speed to the O.R., one is literally on the bed with me prepping my abdomen for surgery. In the O.R. they hastily explain to me that F has to come now, because my placenta has completely abrubted, which means it has separated catastrophically and I am likely bleeding internally. They give me anesthesia in my IV and the last thing I hear as I am going out is "We are losing them" and I can hear my heart rate on the machine slowing down dramatically. I wake up what feels like a second later with a tube in my throat breathing for me, and I start fighting to pull it out... then I coughed up blood and blacked out. I remember waking up in recovery and the transport team brought F to see me before being transported to a nearby NICU for best care. And I kept going in and out... the next few days are still coming back to me 3 months later I fought so hard to keep F in after the events that lead to my middle son's birth. It was a picture perfect pregnancy, albeit with progesterone injections weekly and prodromal labor starting at 28 weeks or so. After everything, fighting and fighting, my placenta still abrupted.

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