The Birth I Almost Missed | Cincinnati + Dayton Birth Photography

The Birth I Almost Missed
Cincinnati + Dayton Birth Photography 

Mom was scheduled for an induction, but her daughter had other plans. I woke up in the morning to a call saying they're already at the hospital... that she's been laboring for hours but they don't need me yet. So I wait.

We stay in touch through the morning. Nothing substantial seems to be happening. I only attend births when I am specifically requested to come. 

And then I get THE text. "She's 9.5cm. It's go time!"

I have to be honest, I did not think I was going to make it to the hospital before her daughter would be born. I was still home. It was raining pretty hard. The drive to the hospital would be about 15-30 minutes depending on traffic.

I'm in a panic. I'm rushing. I fly into the car. I race to the hospital. When I park, I start running. I run through the parking lot into the hospital. I run through the hallways to the elevator. In the elevator, I throw my camera together and hope the settings will be good enough. I run from the elevator into their room. Sure, I may have looked frazzled and while. 

But I arrived just in time. 

Mom was centered. Focused. And in just a couple minutes, her daughter was born. 

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