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I am so, so sorry you have found yourself on this journey. 

With my training in birth and bereavement support, I am here to honor you, no matter what. I am trained to offer birth support in all outcomes, in any trimester. I provide support for birth, support for abortion, support for bereavement, and support for all.  

 I will help you explore options for your individual experience, and will connect you with resources and support. 
I will stand with you as you navigate this path.

In my own personal journey, I have experienced a stillbirth and five late term miscarriages. 
Through these, I have learned so much about these difficult stories.
I see you. I hear you.

As a certified SBD Birth & Bereavement Doula
I am here for you.


I am also a volunteer photographer with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, providing remembrance photography for parents suffering the loss of a baby. 

For NILMDTS photography in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas, call our dispatch at 513.549.3755

For other regions:

Love + Light Bereavement Doula Support is offered complimentary, with the option to donate to Love + Light. All monies donated will go directly to supporting other bereavement families. 

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