Top 8 Must-Have Pregnancy Books, from a Doula's Perspective

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I’ve read more books on pregnancy and birth than I could count. Not only have I read these books over the course of my ten pregnancies, but I’ve been trained through three different Doula organizations and attended Midwifery school - so yeah, I’ve read quite a few books!

It’s so important for families to soak in all the information that they can, so that they can make informed choices and be active participants in their experience. Reading a variety of pregnancy books is a great way to learn information, evidence, choices, and more.

These are books that I recommend to my birth clients, and I recommend to you too.

There are so many great books to read for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum but these are my favorite. Are there books that aren’t listed here that you found helpful for you and your pregnancy?

Emily FrigoComment