Cincinnati Doula Support

Birth matters. Your birth matters. Whether you are birthing for yourself or are giving the gift of family through adoption or surrogacy, I am here to support you. I believe that birth is a unique balance between ancient wisdom and modern science, and I am here to help you find your own perfect balance between instinctual and evidence based birth preferences.

As your Cincinnati doula, I know that positive birth outcomes are most important, no matter how that looks like for you.

  • We will start with a complimentary 1 hour consultation to meet, answer any questions, and decide if we would work well together.

  • You’ll have unlimited support from me through phone, text, and email from contract signing until 6 weeks postpartum. When you need a birthy best friend to talk to, I’m here for you. I will provide information, make suggestions, and hold space for you.

  • I’ll be immediately on-call to attend your birth starting from contract signing, because birth doesn’t always happen between 38 and 42 weeks.

  • You’ll receive informational pamphlets to help you stay informed with evidence in pregnancy and birth, your birth choices, and all of the great resources in the Cincinnati area surrounding birth and postpartum.

  • As an Evidence Based Birth® professional member, I’ll also be able to give you EBB® Signature Articles to guide you in making evidence based choices for your birth and postpartum.

  • I’ll meet you with a minimum of two prenatal visits:

    • The first visit talks about evidence in birth, informed decision making, which choices in pregnancy, labor, and birth are your preferences, and what the birthing person's desires are in the case of an unexpected event.

    • The second visit explores birthing with confidence through position changes, comfort measures, using a birthing wrap, acupressure, massage, music, oils, reiki, and most importantly - becoming in tune with your body's intuitive journey through birth.

    • If applicable, I will meet for a third prenatal visit to normalize a 41+ week pregnancy, reaffirm the your body and baby's wisdom, and review any choices you may be making with your care provider at this time.

  • During labor, I will be by your side to support you in a variety of ways including informational support, physical comfort methods, mental and emotional encouragement, labor progression techniques, effective positioning, breaks for your birth partner, and working with your medical team to honor your birth preferences. 

  • After the birth of your baby, I will provide you with immediate postpartum support to encourage bonding, assist with feeding, and care for you during this initial adjustment to new parenthood.

  • Within 14 days of birth, I will come to your home to offer transitional support focused on processing your birth, assisting with feeding, answering newborn care questions, and holding space for what you may be experiencing during this time.

  • You’ll also receive a Wise and Wild Wellness Postpartum Herbal Bath Blend, to nourish and support you during your postpartum healing.

Cincinnati Birth Photography + Doula Support

I have mastered the craft of combining doula services with birth photography together. As a highly experienced doula, there are many moments to quietly capture images that tell the story of your birth. Most doulas are happy to take photos during birth, but the main difference with me is that as a professional photographer - you will be receiving professional quality images. When hired for both doula and photography, you also receive a complimentary maternity photography session. If you’re interested in adding Cincinnati birth photography to your doula support, please contact me for discounted service rates.