fertility AWARENESS

Fertility Awareness refers to a collection of practices through which we can come to understand the menstrual cycle and gain an awareness of our reproductive health. Too many of us do not recieve enough education about how our bodies work.


childbirth education

Birth matters. Your birth matters. The childbearing year is transformative and should not be underestimated. Birth is a balance between the wise and the wild, ancient wisdom and modern science, and I am here to help you find your own perfect balance between instinctual and evidence based birth preferences. As your Cincinnati doula, I’ll walk with you as you form a strong belief that your body and baby are wise.

newborn baby care

What started as a way to document my own children has naturally evolved into my images winning awards and being published in global media. I found my home when I combined my talent with photography and my passion for birth. So, I closed my photography store-front studio in Mason, Ohio to focus on documenting the honest experiences of birth all across the greater Cincinnati area. Now, I specialize in photographing your once-in-a-lifetime journey of birth in timeless imagery. All birth is a unique, no two are the same; let me show you how your birth unfolds.

photography skills