Building stronger communities through support, education, and environments for parents and their children to feel nurtured and whole.

cincinnati doula

We believe:

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Parents must take care of themselves and allow themselves to be cared for by others. Parents can not give from a depleted source. When people are healthy, whole, and a balanced, they are more available for their families.

Nature has equipped parents with the ability to provide everything their child needs to become empathetic, intelligent, well-adjusted people. Parents must listen to their intuitive wisdom by shutting off the noise and trusting what they feel is best for their family. 

Parent–child relationships are improved when parents bring mindfulness to their parenting that includes listening with full attention, emotional awareness, non-judgmental acceptance, and practicing self-regulation, compassion, and patience. 

Each child is a unique being, and should be nurtured towards finding their own identity and purpose in life.



cincinnati doula