Nettle's Adoption Story, How We Became Rabbit Parents.

In the fifth grade, I was supposed to get a bunny. But long story short, I was a smart-ass at school and lost my bunny privileges. When Kyle and I got married, we talked about getting a rabbit but it just was never the right time. Every time we went to adopt one, we heard horror stories about their high maintenance and talked ourselves out of it. In the depths of infertility and babies with medical needs and a house that was just too big for us to maintain, the thought of being overwhelmed with another responsibility just felt too much.

But years passed, babies got a bit older, we downsized our home, and life simply got smoother. And on one random day, I became an instant indoor bunny momma after a friend posted online that she needed to re-home her rabbit. The second I saw his picture, I knew he was supposed to make a home in ours. I didn’t even ask Kyle, I just text him that we were picking up a bunny when he got home from work. He simply replied with “okay babe, this bunny must be perfect” and that was that. Gotta’ love him and his trust in my decision making skills.

If you didn’t know this about me, I don’t really cry when I’m feeling sad or mad or I’m in pain. But folks, when I feel overwhelmed with happiness, I can’t stop the tears. And when we brought this sweet bunny home, I cried like a new little baby. His ears, his nose, his soft and fluffy wool, his huge back feat. I couldn’t take it, he was (is) just too adorable. I still feel giddy when I see him hopping around our home. This is what life is all about, the simple joys. Find your simple joys.

His previous owners named him Chino, and while it’s a wonderful name, we decided to call him Nettle instead. Nettle is the sweetest little thang’ I ever did meet. He rubs his head against your hand to get you to rub him, he jumps up on the couch to sit next to you, and he snuggles with our dogs. He has no issues with us cutting his nails, or brushing his fur, or holding him - all things we heard are difficult to do for/with rabbits. Nettle is just the perfect addition to our family, and I’m so grateful that his previous owners trusted us to love him until the end of his time.

I love you, sweet Nettle.

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