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discover your wholeness,
it’s your birthright

Wise and Wild Wellness guides all people through their profound, intimate, and personal passages of gynecological wellness and reproductive health.

cincinnati doula

cincinnati doula

hi, i’m emily!

I’m deeply passionate about the revolution of self-empowerment and have dedicated my career to holding space for all people’s gynecological wellness and reproductive health.

I draw from my experiences and education as a mother, clinical herbalist, student midwife, full spectrum doula, childbirth educator, yoga teacher, and healing arts practitioner to with you as you find your unique balance between modern science and ancient wisdom; between the wise and the wild.

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Emily is amazing. Authentic, kind, and full of love. As my doula, for the birth of my second child, she supported me physically and emotionally in a way that was helpful but also have me the space I needed to do my thing. I could go on and on about Emily, but what you need to know is that if you feel called to work with her, do it. She will meet you right where you need to be on a spiritual level that will guide you with light and love.
- Christy C.

women's health herbalist

clinical herbalism

You posses an intimate wisdom and natural ability to heal in all the ways you seek. I’m here to help facilitate your journey, supporting you on your path to reproductive wellness.

cincinnati doula

full spectrum
doula support

I support you across the range of your reproductive choices & experiences, including pregnancy prevention, fertility, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, abortion, and adoption.

fertility awareness


The ability to determine our own reproductive health and bodily autonomy is a vital part of our well-being. I teach you about your body, and the dance that your hormones and reproductive organs do every month.

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Emily is a sweet Earth Angel. There are not enough good things I can say about her as a human. She is so kind, compassionate, intuitive, and empathetic. She not only helped me through the hardest point in my life, she continues to support me, check in on me, and answer literally any question I have no matter how small. I am so blessed to have met her, her smile and kindness is contagious. You cannot be in a bad mood around Emily. It’s impossible! The world is so lucky to have her in it. I am beyond grateful to have met and worked with Emily. She is the definition of wise, wild, and wellness.
- Morgan C.


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