Rite of Passage Ceremonies 

I create and facilitate group ceremonies to honor your life cycles. Through these ceremonies, we invite your close friends and family to come together and celebrate transitions through nourishing attention and support.  These are customized by infusing nature elements, movement, activities, intuition, and wisdom to focus to your unique needs.  All ceremonies come with professional, high resolution images of your celebration.

Menarche Initiation: celebrating a girl's first menstruation
Engagement: celebrating an upcoming marital commitment
Pre-Conception: welcoming fertility
Waiting Commitment: honoring adoptive families who are waiting for their baby
Mother Blessing: nourishing pregnant mothers
Postpartum Sealing: honoring the birth story, welcoming baby
Birth Reclaiming: nurturing women who's birth didn't go as planned, re-birth/ re-bonding
Loss Honoring: honoring the loved one lost, holding space for grief
Space Clearing: clearing accumulated energy, welcoming a new beginning

Package prices reflect your unique needs and guest attendance, including all decorations, foods, and supplies needed for the activities and services provided. These are held in your home or out surrounded by nature. You can expect to pay anywhere between $10 and $100. Please contact me to plan your event.

Moon Circles

Come together each month around the New Moon to celebrate our ceremonial gathering of sisterhood. Starting May 2018.